New technologies are developing in very rapid pace as the part of the fourth industrial revolution. “Manufacturing” method is changing fast world‒wide. It requires observation of various phenomena, flash of inspiration based on insight and creativity, while it goes without saying that the statistical conclusion is needed.  HIT Research members are striving for developing new and futuristic products based on the wide knowledge and experience of related fields while gathering new information.

1) Experience of various resistive elements development and utilization, development of heating element manufacturing method, evaluation technology of heating element to maintain functionality, prediction and maintenance of conditions for effective use of heat which is generated by the main part of resistive element

2) Development of high‒temperature components and the peripheral system technology

3) Knowledge of material to be heat‒processed and usage technology, development technology for new materials, evaluation technology of materials

4) Image making with fusing material, laminated molding, additive manufacturing, removal modeling, post manufacturing modification technology

5) Prevention of danger during manufacturing process, risk prediction and hazard control due to material degradation and degeneration

6) Environment pollution prevention, proposal of the purification method

We are studying the usage of heat generated by the heating element to be applied for the various manufacturing methods and putting them to practical use with the points stated above