Offerring Super Compact and High Temperature Hotends


HIT Research Corporation developed hotends for FFF 3D printers which are high-temperature (500ºC) compatible and reliable with short temperature rise time.


Super Compact, 500ºC Hotend HT-S500S


Basic Specifications

Maximum Temperature 500ºC
Overall Length 39mm
Nozzle Diameter 0.2/0.4/0.6/0.8mm
Filament 1.75mm compatible
Drive Voltage 24V (or 12V)
Temperature Sensor RTS +1500ppm (or +3200ppm)


Rise Time Temperature Profile


Power Consumption


Heat Barrier Effect



Company Outline

Name HIT Research Corporation
Established July 2015
Business FFF 3D printer hotend products

Customized hotend development for specific materials

3D fabrication, testing, technical research services

Capital 2,000,000 Yen
President Nobuhisa Ishida
Address Kyoto Katsura Venture Plaza

1-36 Goryo Oohara Nishikyo-ku, Kyoto 615-8245 Japan

Telephone +81-75-323-7734

Company Establishment Backgrounds

HIT Research Corporation was established in order to develop the new field by combining the specialized field experience and knowledge.

A founder, Hideo Taniguchi, participated in developing and manufacturing specialized resistors, thermal printheads, various semiconductor products and LED printhead at ROHM Co., Ltd. even when it was called Toyo Dengu Seisakusho.

He developed a revolutionary heating head by combining the past experience “knowhow” and new out-of-the-box inventions (various patent granted inJapan and other countries).

Application development with University cooperation

HIT Research Corpration is striving to make a research and development with industry-government-academia collaboration based on the location of Kyoto Katsura Venture Plaza.


2017.11.05-10 NIP33 held in Denver, USA

“High Temperature (500ºC) Hotend for FDM 3D Printer”


2016.09.12 – 16 NIP32 held in Manchester, UK

“On-demand-like FDM 3D printhead consideration”