What’s New


April 2020

(1) Using our line head, we succeeded in forming a honeycomb structure with carbon fiber (CF). The strength and spring properties can be changed with modifying the molding pattern and the number of layers.

(2) We have tested fabrication of ceramics (ZrO2-Al2O3) + resin mixed filaments supplied by Prof. Takeshi Hirota, Laboratory of Inorganic Synthetic Chemistry, Doshisha University. The university produces dense ceramics with degreasing and sintering. Materials such as hydroxyapatite can also be used, and future applications are expected to expand.

(3) We installed our high-temperature hot-end into the 3D printer M3145TP (L-DEVO). We have a capability to fabricate up to the size of 315 × 315 × 450 using super engineering plastic materials such as PEEK.