We are contributing to prevent "global warming" even in a very small way by developing products which utilize the limited amount of safe energy "heat" effectively.
World is changing very rapidly, so we are developing and promoting the material as well as products which are highly novel, futuristic and energy-saving in short time.
We are striving to make the environment which every individual can fulfill one's hope and ability, ultimately achieving "safety, security, healthy and pleasant life.
We appreciate your continued support and cooperation.
Best wishes.

Spring 2017    Hideo Taniguchi, CEO and President

HIT Research Corp 
Message from President
Hideo Taniguchi
HIT Research Corporation was established in order to develop the new field by combining the specialized field experience and knowledge and also the R&D arm of affiliated company, HIT Devices, Ltd.
Prior to starting HIT Research Corporation, Hideo Taniguchi participated in developing and manufacturing specialized resistors, thermal printheads, various semiconductor products and LED printhead at ROHM Co., Ltd. even when it was called Toyo Dengu Seisakusho before he developed a revolutionary heating head at HIT Devices Ltd which he founded
By combining the past experience "know-how" and new out-of-the-box inventions (various patent granted in Japan and other countries) , unique products are researched/developed & reported (NIP32 etc) and made available for evaluation on market.
New products will be developed continuously in the future.
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